Reversing Arthiritis

What is Arthritis?
Arthritis is made up words “arthron” means joints and “itis” means inflammation. It is defined as a joint disorder characterized by inflammation of one or more joints frequently accompanied by pain and stiffness. It is a life style disorder in which diet and lifestyle are major factors thought to influence susceptibility to many diseases.

In osteoarthritis there is loss of cartilage and synovial fluid and progressive decrease in joint space leading to deformity. Reversal of osteoarthritis means regeneration of cartilage and synovial fluid with strengthening of bones along with the recreation of gap in joints by strengthening muscles.

General Approach:
General Treatments suggested for patients suffering from Arthritis include painkillers which can lead to complications and side effects which mostly are seen at a later stage. Ultimately the patient is recommended for Total Knee or joint replacement as the only option in case of severe osteoarthritis.

Similarly people are given strict diet which deprives them of the essential daily requirements such as proteins, vitamins, minerals etc. This results in food cravings and imbalance in the body metabolism.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma’s approach to treat Arthritis:
During his medical experience and research of 14yrs he found that with modifications in the lifestyle one can reverse lifestyle disorders. Being a doctor himself he understands the underlying problem of the patient, the root causes of the disease.

Lifestyle disorders, as the name suggests results from the deviation from the normal lifestyle of a person. Unhealthy eating, excessive weight gain, belly fat,sleep deprivation, untimely eating,drug abuse, tobacco smoking, and alcohol drinking, as well as a lack of exercise are some of the major causes which, when continued over a long period that manifests itself as a lifestyle disorder.It is essential to address the underlying issues and this is exactly what he does.

The diet given as a part of the complete program takes care of the nutrition that is required by us. Dr. Gaurav Sharma’s wide experience in sports medication also empowers him to suggest specific exercises to the patients which speeds up the healing process this degenerative disease. Dr. Gaurav Sharma has formulated a series of essential food supplements Arthritplus , Genarthro and pain relieving spray Soojeez accompanied by strengthening exercises and dietary recommendations to manage reversing this lifestyle disorder and save patients from Knee or joint replacement and other side effects.

The complete approach to reverse the Osteoarthritis changes, thus consists of

1. CAPSULE ARTHRITPLUS- Primary food supplement

2. GRANULES GENARTHRO- Powder form for repair and regeneration

3. SPRAY SOOJEEZ- Topical application over skin for instant pain relief

4. DIET- Specifically to maintain weight and provide nutrients

5. EXERCISES- for strengthening bones and muscles.

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