Reversing Diabetes


Diabetes is metabolic disorder where the blood sugar level is constantly above 120mg/dl. Increase in the blood sugar level is a consequence of the body’s inability to use glucose properly. This could be due to

Lack of patient’s own Insulin in case of Diabetes Mellitus Type 1.
Insulin resistance as in Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.

A person has high blood glucose (blood sugar) either because their insulin production is inadequate, or because the body's cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both. Patients with high blood sugar typically experience

Polyuria (frequent urination),
Polydipsia (increasing thirst) and
Polyphagia (increased hunger).

Diabetes, earlier considered as a genetic related disorder, has now inclined itself and has become a Lifestyle Disorder.

Diabetes: A Global Concern

From 1983 to 2008, world-wide diabetes incidence has increased 7 fold from 35 to 240 million. Remarkably, from 2008 to 2014, the number of people with diabetes has gone up to 387 million. Small children as young as eight are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (formerly called adult onset diabetes). 15 year olds are having strokes and needing cardiac bypasses are being performed for 25 year olds. The economic burden of caring for these people with pre-diabetes and diabetes will be $3.5 trillion over 10 years.

TREATMENT – General Approach

General Approach of treating diabetes Mellitus Type 2:

Usually patients are advised Life Style changes like Diet and Exercise, omitting simpler carbohydrate, reduced intake of dietary fat, walk or yoga as the first approach towards DM Type 2 management. As their disease progresses they are put on medications which keep on increasing year by year. OHDs are seen to be followed by insulin later on when sugar levels are not in the controlled range. As the disease progresses with raised blood sugar levels the patients suffer from multiple organ damage.

Dr. Gaurav’s APPROACH - Reversing Diabetes, The Scientific Way

Dr. Gaurav Sharma with his extensive research and medical experience of dealing with lifestyle disorders gave a turning point to diabetes treatment and his approach towards dealing with a diabetic.

Dr. Gaurav’s treatment includes dietary modification and counseling, specially designed exercise program for Diabetes, motivational counseling and nutritional food supplements. Rather than just keeping the blood sugars within controlled levels with OHDs and Insulin his approach is towards improving the sensitivity of insulin (in Type 2 DM) and consistently maintaining the Blood sugar levels in safe zone of 80 to 120mg/dl followed by gradual reduction of their OHDs or insulin.

What is Reversing Diabetes?

Reversing Diabetes means bringing the blood sugar levels in the safe zone of 80-120mg/dl and gradually weaning patients off the Oral hypoglycaemics/ Insulin keeping their Blood Sugar levels well maintained in the safe zone. With the help of dietary guidelines, exercise and supplements we do not allow Diabetes to progress, rather we regress it.

Diabetes Reversal – A Process

The dietary guidelines, exercise program and the wonder supplements “DIABETPLUS” & DIABETALL” help patients wean off their regular OHDs / Insulin.

This food supplement is a blend of unparalleled combination of herbs but fortified with the right amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which in combination not only provide a reduction in Blood sugar levels, but also reduce the inflammation in the body, sensitize the insulin therefore reducing the quantity of insulin released, The herbal components also heal the beta cells of the pancreas, exert anti alpha glucosidase effect, increases the glycogen storage in the liver, reducing the formation of triglycerides and bringing down the total oxidative stress in the body. As a complimentary effect, The supplement normalizes the levels of total cholesterol, increases HDL and reduces LDL and VLDL.

Taken over a period, insulin sensitivity increases, the inflammation comes down, oxidative stress is less, pancreas goes through a process of healing and recuperation and the sense of wellbeing is achieved. This is a completely natural way of healing and hence shows phenomenal results.

The herbs have been blended in a way that even if a person takes an extra dosage, he will not go into hypoglycaemia. However, if the person is taking an oral hypoglycemic together with the supplement, then there is a risk of going into hypoglycaemia. Here the patient needs to start reducing the OHD/s by ¼ tab with regular monitoring of BS levels. The dosage is 1-2 caps BID(twice daily) and they can expect a reduction of 20-30mg/dl within a week and a reduction of 50-70mg/dl within a month. People who are borderline diabetics can choose this as a first line management with lifestyle changes like right eating and exercise.

The product complies with the most stringent parameters for the presence of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and is free of infestation. Being completely herbal, there are absolutely no side effects of this product and it can be taken with any Oral Hypoglycaemic (diabetic Medication) and insulin.

It does not interfere with any medication so it can be taken with any medication. This supplement works primarily through the following mechanisms:
1. Sensitizing the insulin(the person’s own)

2. Reducing the quantity of insulin produced and increase the quality of insulin produced

3. Reducing the absorption of glucose in the intestines(alpha-glycosidase inhibition)

4. Anti-inflammatory effect on the pancreas and the body on the whole, allowing it to recover and heal.

The consultation with the trained Diabetes Educator at Dr.G Wellness not only supplements your efforts but helps you understand the importance of suggested diet and exercise that supports you to achieve the endeavour – Diabetes Reversal and lead a healthy life free from Diabetes Complications and day to day suffering.

Time taken to reverse Diabetes: Reversing Diabetes is a stepwise process - achievement of one complimenting the other. The following steps help in achieving the goal:

GOAL No 1: Bringing B. Sugars to safe zone of 80-120mg/dl, ensuring no risk of organ damage.

GOAL No 2: Once you reach goal no 1, talk to our team of DEs to guide and support you in reducing the OHDs or insulin.

GOAL No 3: We look forward enjoying our life and a Diabetic misses a part of it as he/she can’t eat food of one’s choice. At Dr.G Wellness we understand emotions of our patients so once you are off OHDs / Insulin we at DrG give you a chance to enjoy a reward meal in consultation with DE.

You are now free to eat any food of your choice whether sweets/ chaat/ pizza/ Ice cream etc. Thereafter you have to go back to your normal eating routine and exercise regime, Of course as suggested by DE at Dr.G Wellness.

GOAL No 2 and 3 are repeated if you are consuming more than one medication or Insulin.

GOAL No 4: Gradual reducing powder Diabetall.

Yes, do not forget checking HbA1c after every 3rdmonth.

Your Target should be HbA1c below 6% ROLE OF NUTRIENTS IN REVERSING DIABETES.

Nutritional Food Supplements to Reverse Diabetes