Omega 3 enriched protein supplement

With increased public awareness, worldwide demand of readymade food products with multiple health benefits has also increased. The demand can now be served with ProtioMegaTM.

ProtioMegaTM consists of a unique blend of ingredients including whey protein, high dietary fibre with the goodness of Omega. It is a treat for the body and the tongue. A complete nutritional supplement in a small sachet.

Whey protein is a complete protein which is easy to digest and aids in weight loss. It boosts the immune system and amino acid content in body and reduces triglyceride levels.

When it comes to protein-rich milled whole-grain, Salvia hispanica (CHIA) which has already been popularized in US and European Market, contains Omega-3 has a unique composition. It contains 48% fiber and 30% protein, along with 6% of ALA Omega-3& 6 thus helps in the reduction of cholesterol and improves metabolism and digestive health.

ProtioMegaTM contains no artificially added sugars and hence can be enjoyed by diabetic patients and peoples of all age groups. It is 100% Natural & 100% Vegetarian. The high protein + fiber + Omega combination and the natural vanilla flavour makes ProtioMegaTM an ideal ingredient in nutritional smoothie formulations and its broad functionality enables it to fulfil multiple nutritional requirements.

The shelf-stable ProtioMegaTM one of the hottest and most delicious nutrition shakes, where Omegas form Salvia Hispanica can build viscosity, replacing hydrocolloids like gum arabic, offering our product a ‘cleaner and complete natural label’. Easy to carry sachets of ProtioMegaTM can be had anytime anywhere by mixing with water or milk. It keeps you full for longer hours making it ideal for people looking for energy, weight loss and overall health benefit.

Each Box with 10 wholesome sachets!!

Nutritional information:
Approximate values per serving of 20g

Energy: 78.92kcal
Protein: 10.87g
Carbohydrates: 5.29g
Fat: 1.77g
Omega-3: 0.887g
Omega-6: 0.293g
Soluble Dietary Fibre: 2.6g

Proti Omega